))wisecracker interview with singer and trumpet player Mendez      [espaņol]

wisecrackerWisecracker is a German ska-punk band that has a very latin sound. Many of their songs are in spanish and some are in english. Very few are in German. To find out where this latin influence and affinity came from I asked some stuff to singer and sax player Mendez and their manager Francis and this is what I got:

*What are your main musical influences?

Mendez: from styles; ska, punk, hard core, from groups; Sublime, Goldfinger, Madness.

*Why do you have songs in spanish?

M: porque es una lengua buena, bonita [because it is a good, pretty language] and you can say nasty stuff that German audience wouldn't understand.

*How is it that you feel close to latin culture?

M: Because I like the music, the style that people dress, the family thing.
Francis: the way that people live close together
M: some day in school we had something about cortez and mi abuelita es de Argentina [my grandma is from Argentina]

*Do you feel part of the latin ska movement?

M: no because there is no latin ska movement in Germany... it was really strange to see so many people at a ska concert, like yesterday we were in Tijuana and theMendez and Samara playing @ Roxy (la) Fabulosos Cadillacs played and the Voodoo Glow Skulls were supposed to play and like 10,000 people were there, you never have something like this in Europe, so it's really impressing.

*What is the message that you want to send people with your music?

Since mendez couldn't really put it in words, Francis said: I guess the boys want to get humor across, they also have very important political topics, but in the end what they say is you should think about things but don't take everything too seriously, like talk about things, talk about problems but don't be mean or mad about it, still have fun with it.

Wisecracker is a fun, energetic and really fun band. Did I mention fun? Well they can also play very good, and they showed it at the roxy. The crowd moshed nicely to their songs and the band members danced around the stage showing good vibes. and this is not just kiss ass comments, I don't do that. anyway, if you get a chance to see them, check them out because they've got new and different stuff to show you.

for more info about wisecracker, visit their page http://www.wisecracker.de and listen to their demo "de puta madre"


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