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 So I finally got to see Dos Minutos. I got to Foro Alicia real early straight from work, waited for my friends who are always late and then waited some more because bands weren't playing yet. After a while we finally got in. It was supposed to be like a private show because it wasn't even announced anywhere or promoted. As a result there weren't that many people but in a way that was kinda good, I mean it's cool when it's all crowded cause you feel more energy and it's crazier but it's also good when there's fewer people cause you're not bumping into everyone all the time, it's not sweaty and there's just more space.

It seemed as if it was a private show for the Rebel, which is like a cheer "crew" for Pumas, the soccer team. I know some people from there so that's how I found out actually. They tend to get really rowdy and last time dos minutos came, a crew from America, the other soccer team got all crazy too and people got beat up badly. Anyway so basically whenever dos minutos or ataque 77 come to mexico it gets kinda tense cause both crews can't go to the same gig cause shit goes down. So this gig was for Rebel basically. I don't know what other bands this happens with also but to be quite honest it gets on my nerves. Because either crew acts like it's on the stadium and cheers all the time, you can't even hear the songs, they don't let the band play and it's just not very respectful.

But whatevs, the show was really good, except for the fact that the band was really drunk and high. I mean they were even toking it up on stage. I'd never seen such a shameless display of dionisian pleasure hahaha. They managed to play fairly well, all but Pablo the guitar player whose behavior on stage reminded my friend of Steve-0 from Jackass just so you get an idea of how he was acting and playing. He fucked up a whole bunch of times and you could see Pedro, the other guitar player, getting really annoyed by it. In fact, by the last couple of songs the whole band looked pissed. I have this friend who's a guitar player, and I know he would have fainted from the shock if he'd gone and heard him play, especially because he's so picky about that. He'd probably ask if he could play instead even hahaha (he likes 2min too so he might know some songs). They played for almost two hours. It was a good show overall, they played fast and they played loud. And it was fun seeing everybody waaaaaaasteeed, also people from the crowd. Not me though... beer was too expensive.

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